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My Style

My Style

I specialize only in maternity, newborn, babies & families.  I like to keep my images clean, simple, natural & timeless – limiting trendy props or busy distractions.  I hope to offer families wonderful memories that they can look at years to come, showcasing the simple beauty & emotions of that special moment in their life.

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Only for a few months in our lives, we are blessed with the privilege of nurturing life inside our bodies but often times, we may not feel that glamorous. I understand those concerns, as they were once my own, and this is why I guide my clients through favorable posing angles during the session, and illuminate them with the softest of natural light.  I suggest moms to wear simple neutral attire to focus on the real beauty they are carrying.

Remember, your pregnancy deserves to be captured, not just for you, but for all your family.



I simply adore newborns.  My newborn images are very timeless and natural.  I try to eliminate bright colors of props or blankets.  I like to capture every inch of their own unique sweetness, without all that distraction.  My goal is to create absolutely soft and delicate memories of your baby’s plump lips, the soft fluffy hair, those absolutely perfect tiny little toes.

This is such a big moment in your family’s life, bringing home a baby.  It’s important to capture that soon to forget newborn stage, that we all simply love.

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Baby Plan

I’ve stepped away from the very traditional 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month baby plan schedule.  And now capture all the same great milestones in 3 sessions – 4 month (when baby can hold their head up real well, while laying on their tummies), 7-8months (they are finally sitting up on their own, grabbing those toes, and showing all their smiles), lastly 12 months.

In this plan these sessions can be done in my beautiful natural light studio that has the creamiest light with softest neutral colors.  Or we can go outdoors to a favorite location.  The rest of the family is welcome to join in ONE of the sessions, of your choose (no additional fee).

I do offer an array of timeless neutral props & attire for all ages in the baby plan.



My family images are very casual & fun.  Capturing everyone’s smile is definitely first priority but also finding the pure joy you have as a family.  Simple kisses, snuggles, tickles, gazes at each other and lots of laughing.  My goal is to photograph, memories of the whole family together, siblings together, mom with kid(s), dad with kid(s), and each child separate.

As a mom, I realize now how absolutely important it is to document these unique memories. Not just for us but for them.  It is my goal to capture these moments as simple and natural as possible and give you absolutely beautiful images…light, creamy and timeless.

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