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Maternity Preparation

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How far along should I be to take maternity pictures?
It’s a personal preference on how far along you want to be to document your gorgeous bump.  Anytime between 30-36 weeks is ideal.


Can my family be in the maternity session too?
Most definitely!  Your husband, children & pets are all welcome.


Can I take my maternity pictures outside?
– Of course, we only have a short time in MN/ND to get outside – let’s take advantage of it!


How do we make payment?
– You can either make payment to me in cash, check or you can pay online when I email you your invoice.  Please just specify your preference before the session.
– 2 payments are available for for all baby plans (bump to one, newborn to one, baby plan).

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What to wear?
I love to keep things completely neutral (whites, grays, oatmeal) to create timeless images.

Tighter fitting shirts focuses on your adorable bump the best. Here are some suggestions:
– Light colored or solid short/long sleeves tops paired with jeans.
– Laying with a cardigan over a white/neutral tank top.
– Neutral tank top with tighter fitting jeans, that you can’t zip or button up.
– Solid or light patterned long dresses are also VERY ADORABLE.

Wear a solid or subtle pattern shirt that compliments mom’s color of shirt.

Again, solid/neutral colors

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